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Our Tussah Silk derives from Vietnam Silk farms mainly using the Tussah Silkworm to produce this unique silk, fabric products are handmade in Australia, presenting as visually ‘on trend’ organic gifts for the person who admires and appreciates its natural beauty and benefits. 

Tussah Silk is 100% organic silk in its natural state with strong, resilient fibres. The Tussah Silk fabric that we use is crafted by a very ancient hand-woven method, resulting in irregular textured characteristics which gives it the organic beauty, appeal and benefits. It is non-cultivated, which may also use variable breeds of wild silkworms, that feed on Juniper, Oak & Plum tree leaves, giving it beautiful natural colour of off white through to golden yellow, pinks and browns.



- Amino proteins are released when warmed 

 - No Bleaches or chemical dyes =  No nasty bi-products!

 - Fabrics are hand eco rinsed before being cut and manufactured in Australia.

- Milled and woven under fair and ethical trade practices by Vietnamese women and their families in self-owned and managed independent village businesses.  

- No mass employment city factories, where women are forced to travel long distances, board in unsafe houses and leave their families for long periods to work. Instead, these Vietnamese women can stay with their children and families, caring and nurturing them while running their own businesses.

“Wild Silk is proud to support this ethos and these practices which will hopefully work towards changing our world for the better.”

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