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Our Wild Silk hair ties are made of the same 100% Mulberry silks as our other products. We offer a selection of colours, both in plain and prints to coordinate with all our other products.

Our hair ties glide easily out of the hair, reducing the damage & hair loss that's caused by harsh synthetic or coarse cotton hair ties.

Great for children, no upsets when removing the hair ties, especially after swimming !


Especially beneficial for curly or brittle hair. 

Ideal additions to gifting.


Pack of 3 is automatically pre-packed with assorted colours and prints.  

** If wishing to select colours/prints in 'Pack of 3', fill in NOTES box with colour/print choices.


** Colours and prints may change or discontinue without notice.

Silk Hair Ties

  • 20 - 22cm circumference

    1 - 1.25cm width silk

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