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Our Mulberry Silk Twist Hairbands are a perfect accessory to style up your hair and frame your beautiful face.  

Being all natural gentle silk fibre they dont snag and damage new hair growth, yet still comfortable and secure to wear all day.


WEAR SUGGESTIONS:  The best positon to wear the Silk Twist Headband is along the hair line and just over the tips of the ears, with Loose hair over the elastic at Back.   (If the front Twist knot is back from hairline too far the band will eventually slide off)

Try Fringe and some side hair in front of the band and/or with an Up-Do looks great too.   Set off with some complimentary bold earrings.


We also do Custom Order sizes and Colour combinations !  Please email us  or SMS.


* The most prints will vary depending on pattern placement

** Prints may change and/or discontinue without notice

Silk Twist Hairband

  • Made with natural fibre Silks in a variation of 16 - 30 mommes Prints and Plain colour combinations.

    One Size:  Band measures 54cm - Stretched max 62cm

    Soft comfortable silk covered elastic back headband.

    100% Cotton Interlining

  • The Silk Twist hairbands will last much longer if you Hand wash in Gentle Soap, Wool wash or a low PH eco detergent. 

    • Before washing, separate the twist knot (so looks like bunny ears)
    • Wash Separately in warm 30-40C water with gentle soap.  Its normal for some silks to lose some colour.  Rinse in tepid warm water.
    • Roll & squeeze in towel to remove excess water, Do Not Wring.
    • Keep twist knot open, Peg up by edge of the bands (Bunny ear loops) in the shade.
    • Leave twist knot open and Steam press on Silk setting, running Iron through the underside of bands.
    • Bands will lock together in the Twist knot as you put each hand inside headband at either ear position and stretch outwards a few times firmly.
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