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- 2 Remover Pads with Silk Bag.   $38

- 1 Remover Pad with Silk Bag.   $26

- 1 Extra Pad   $15



OUTERS - 100% Tussah Silk & Stretch Bamboo/Cotton Velour.

FILLING – 100% Mulberry Silk Floss.

BAG – 100% Organza Mulberry Silk with Polyester ribbon & Magnet closures. PAD SIZE : 10cm x 10cm BAG : 15cm x 13cm

100% Original Wild Silk Design Manufactured in Perth, Western Australia Fabrics milled in China & Vietnam

Makeup Remover Pads Re-usable


    Rinse Pad under warm/hot water before use.

    First, use the light exfoliant Tussah side to remove & loosen heavy or stubborn makeup &/or Sunscreen. Do Not rub too hard over eyes or delicate areas.  Hold pad on eyes for a few moments to semi-soak and then wipe

    For waterproof type makeup, apply a small pea size amount of your liquid face cleanser onto pad but generally not necessary to achieve removal.

    Whilst removing makeup application, occasionally rinse & gently scrub Pad in warm/hot water in between wiping applications.

    Use the Velour Bamboo side to remove makeup residue or for a 'No makeup' cleanse.  Rinse pad an repeat for a thorough final cleanse.

    After use, always clean your pad immediately  with a few drops of a natural face cleanser, light gentle scrub in Warm water, then rinse in running water.  

    Re-shape and hang to dry in airy shade enviroment


    Step 1  as Product Removal & leave wet

    Place on cleansed skin & pat down over Eye or chosen face area

    RELAX...Leave for up to 15/20 mins

    ** The Tussah side may be used seperately as a face exfoliant.

    No need to rinse skin after, apply moisturizer.

    After, Rinse pad in clean water.   Re-shape and hang to dry in airy shade enviroment.


    • Do Not use the Tussah side on burnt skin surfaces
    • After many uses, soften & fluff up the pads by a rinse in 30% White domestic vinegar and 70% water, soak for 5 mins and re-rinse in clean running water.  
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