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Our selection of Mt Blanc French Lavender and Rose Geranium Bergamot Oil, is blended with fractionated Coconut Oil especially chosen from established certified suppliers, to apply to our silk fabric products without staining.

Lavender has a fresh floral scent that has been renowned as a safe, natural and effective sleep/relaxation aid for hundreds of years.

Rose Geranium has a sweet rose musk scent which balances nicely with the light citrusy scent in Bergamot. Similarly to the lavender oil, they have therapeutic de-stressing and relaxing benefits.


Our Essential Oils are gentle and safe to use against skin and hair but please do a skin test on your inner wrist first.

Cruelty free & vegan friendly.


Do not apply on eyelids or nasal membranes.


Not for foods or consumption.


Our Glass bottles are reusable and recyclable, so please don’t throw them away!      

We are Now doing a Recycle/refund program. 

Drop by at our retail outlets or Pop-up stores and we will refund $1 for every returned bottle. 

The amount is taken off your next purchase.

(See our Facebook page for current Outlets)

Suggested applied use :

  • Roll bottle down twice at pillow slip short ends on the top side of your sleep surface.
  • Apply to chosen area on your eye mask.  Avoid applying oil on mask surface area that contacts eyelids or immediate eye area. Try around mask outer edges or inside elastic strap near temple.

Roll-On Essential Oil

  • 10ml essential oil blend in frosted glass jar with stainless steel ball roller bottle and silver metal lid.

    1 x Elegant reusable Embossed card cylinder with acid-free gift tissue wrapped.

    ** No Cylinder Option available- wrapped in tissue only

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