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Wild Silk Eye Seed Bags can accompany you to your yoga class or can be used to help you to relax at home or work, shut down and turn off.


A blessing for swollen aggravated eyes from allergens or fatigue, also great for aching sinuses or Carpal tunnel issues

It also can be used on the body to relieve aching muscles eg. around back of neck or warm up icy feet & hands.

The  removable outer cover is machine washable and is made of two sides, a cooling side of Mulberry Silk satin print and a warming side of unbleached Bamboo cotton velour.

The inner bag contains whole Australian linseed and rice in an unbleached 100% cotton bag.  GLUTEN FREE

 * Beautifully Gift boxed ready for gifting *

These bags can be put into a microwave to be heated or chilled in fridge for desired effect.   ** add a small glass of water next to bag when heating in microwave.

Remove cover when heating in microwave.

Place complete bag 9with cover) in a zip seal plastic bag to Chill in freezer.

  • One cotton bag of Australian rice and whole linseed
  • One removable cover of pure silk satin, bamboo cotton velour (machine washable)
  • Instructions   

Eye Seed Bag

  • Inner bag: 100% unbleached strong cotton filled with 50/50 whole washed linseed and rice

    Outer cover: one side 100% mulberry silk satin print, other side 70% bamboo  and 30% cotton stretch velour

    Size:  24cm x 11cm x 3.5cm 

    Weight:  Approximately 370gms

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