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Wild Silk has sourced an ancient skin care treatment from the culture that discovered silk.  They are 100% silk Cocoons that housed the ‘Mulberry leaf fed’ Bombyx mori Silk worm during the butterfly transition. 

This beauty routine has proven effective for many ladies over hundreds of years, who use these organic natural cocoons to gently exfoliate and nourish. 

Effective for Hydrating & softening, reducing open pores, blackheads & scars.   Amino acid proteins are exceptional for softening & reducing scar tissue.

Packaged in our beautiful pure Silk Organza bag, perfect for airy storage or our elegant reusable Embossed card cylinder  *Only available as 8 cocoons.


The secret to these little miracles are the 18 Amino proteins embedded & coated in the fibres of silk, which releases upon moisture and warmth.  The fibres snag and catch any dead skin & raised unwanted surface, simultaneously adding moisture and nourishment to your skin.

It will not leave your skin feeling dry and parched like other exfoliants or scrubs do.  They are 100% Organic and after use they are compostable for your garden.


 SO EASY TO USE! Just follow the simple instructions:

  • Choose just 2 or one for each fingertip! 
  • In a small bowl and pour Warm/ hot water 40-50C

(not boiling), to cover.  They will float but push, down a few times to ensure water coverage. 

  • Leave for approximately 3 minutes. (Keep the water for hair rinse).
  • Apply to clean skin, remove any makeup or sunscreen whilst waiting.
  • Place one cocoon on each fingertip and massage gently for about 3-5 minutes in a circular motion.
  •  Dip & swirl cocoons in the bowl of water intermittently, whilst rubbing.
  • Best on ‘T’ areas, forehead, chin, nose & other blackhead areas also scar tissue areas on body or face. 
  • Do not Rinse your face.  Let your face semi-dry naturally with the Sericin protein.   You can apply moisturizers and makeup over top.
  • If the Cocoons are still clean, let air dry on tissue paper & store in the Organza silk bag.  Hang bag in a cool and dry area.

On average the cocoons can be used up to 3-5 times each.

Completely organic and have been lightly pre-cleaned before packing with filtered cold water

Silk Cocoons

  • Organza Bag of 20 Cocoons  $20

    • 20pces Organic 100% Mulberry Silk Cocoons ** (Bombyx mori) in Natural white varied sizes
    • One Silk Organza Bag in ‘Natural’ colour
    • Instructions to Use
    • Printed Satin ribbon - in White & Copper
    • WEIGHT 1gm  /BAG SIZE packaged - 14cm H x 11cm W

    Gift Box of 8 Cocoons  $14

    • 8pces Organic 100% Mulberry Silk Cocoons ** (Bombyx mori) in Natural white varied sizes
    • Instructions to Use
    • Boxed with small Organza silk storage bag.

     Product Info:

    • Prepared & Packed in Western Australia
    • Fabric & Cocoons from China

    ** Due to being a natural source, Cocoons may have slight irregularities, size variations and small marks.  These are not faults but part of their natural organic character and still contain all their qualities and benefits.

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