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Wild Silk's Bamboo/Cotton stretch Velour Headband & Twist Headbands are designed On-trend to compliment and style your look by enhancing your facial features, hairstyle and jewellery.

Made with sensual stretch natural & breathable Bamboo & Cotton, gives you comfortable, secure wearability, especially to control fly-away hair whilst doing everyday life things.  

Prices :  Adult $27   


PRODUCT DETAILS:  Stretch Velour 60% Bamboo, 20% Unbleached Cotton & 20% Elastane (Colours may differ slightly on screen) 

Bamboo Twist Headband

  • Twist Large- measure 57/58cm x 15cm

    Twist Medium - measure 54/55cm x 13cm

    BEST FIT ADVICE: Decide if you prefer a Head band/Turban fitting firmly or just sitting softly around your head. Pre-measure your head circumference.

    We allow approximately 3-5 cm stretch for a firm fit & 1.5-2cm stretch for a soft fit. Example – if your head circumference measures 58/59cm & you prefer a loose fit choose the Large.  Head Circumference is 56/57cm & prefer a firm fit, choose the Medium.  Voluminous Hair or Dredd locks will usually require the Large size.

    Wash SEPARATELY coloured Bands/Turban Machine or Hand Wash 30C Warm Short Cycle.

    DO NOT Use Bleach products. Hang in Shade to slow down natural fading. TUMBLE DRY on LOW

    Low Heat Steam Iron on Silk setting if required.  Press with Velour pile direction.

  • Wash SEPARATELY coloured Headbands Machine or Hand Wash 30-40C Warm Short Cycle.

    DO NOT Use Bleach & Washing powders, they will turn velour brittle & coarse.  USE Woolwash & sensitive Eco wash liquids best. Hang in Shade to slow down natural fading.

    TUMBLE DRY on Warm Short cycle to rejuvenate pile.

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